Mistakes to Avoid During Your Home Construction

Top Mistake to Avoid During a Home Construction

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While building a new home can be a great experience, many people run into a few common mistakes along the way. At Travis & Travis, we know that home construction mistakes can be time-consuming and costly. Today we will discuss a few of the more common home construction mistakes that first time builders run into, so you can work to avoid them.

Don’t Settle When Choosing Your Lot

Many people make the mistake of choosing the land they are going to start their home construction on based on availability. If there is only one lot left in a subdivision, it would seem to make sense to snatch it up. However, because your lot has a major impact on your home design, it is worth finding a different subdivision if the available lot does not fit your size, shape, and view requirements.

Consider all the factors that come with that location. Is the commute difficult? Are local amenities available nearby? What school district serves your location? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before choosing your lot and starting your home construction.

Think About Your Space Needs Before Deciding on Your Floor Plan

One of the most common mistakes that occur during the home construction process is short-term space planning. If you are building a home, you are likely to remain in that house for some time. Plan for potential family additions so you do not find yourself needing to remodel a few years down the road.

Additions like guest bedrooms, additional bathrooms, or playrooms are much easier to add during the home construction process than after-the-fact.

Make Any Necessary Changes During the Planning Stage

Changes to your floor plan are almost a guarantee. However, it is much easier — and less expensive — to make these changes during the design phase instead of during home construction. Thoroughly plan your materials, your layout, and financing before construction begins. Your wallet and your home designer will thank you.

Choose a Home Construction Professional With a Great Reputation

Too often people choose custom home builders based only on their price. When you choose a home builder, it is important to learn about their reputation and see their previous work to find out the quality of their homes. Not only will a quality home builder construct the home of your dreams, but they will often save you money in the long run because they’ll make fewer mistakes.

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