The Most Important Features That Make Your Home Luxurious

5 Amenities that Make a Luxury Home

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Luxury homes are all about lifestyle. Over the last decade, luxury home buyers have demanded more amenities that were once considered an extravagance in their homes. The demand for a special touch has caused home builders to implement a number of luxury amenities in their home designs. Today, Travis & Travis will discuss the top 5 luxury amenities that you should request in your next home build.

#1 – High-Tech

Technology offers homeowners convenience and fun in their home. Whether it is automated lighting systems, phone-controlled temperature adjustment, or a charging station in the garage, tech is showing up in a big way in the home design world. High-tech security systems are a must-have for luxury homes, and features such as voice-activation and facial recognition are becoming much more common.

#2 – Private Gyms and Spas

Fully-equipped gyms are a convenience that has exploded in popularity over the last decade. As people are working out more, visiting a gym is becoming a hassle. Why drive an hour to the gym at rush hour when you could have your personal trainer come to your private gym in the comfort of your own home? Adding an in-home spa lets you recuperate after a tough workout or a hard day at work.

#3 – Wine and Tasting Rooms

Luxury homes that offer a wine room are experiencing a major resurgence in the luxury home market. A wine room that is front and center in your home design is an excellent showpiece and focal point for entertaining your guests. Features such as motorized racks, custom lighting, and luxury seating ensure that you and your guests can enjoy vintage wines in comfort.

#4 – Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor spaces are increasingly sought after by home buyers. Whether it is a cabana, outdoor kitchen, or resort-style pool, more people are looking for outdoor areas to spend their free time. The architecture of a luxury home should complement this outdoor space with open spaces and high-end features.

#5 – Private Land and Space

Not only do luxury home buyers look for a gorgeous view, they also demand privacy and seclusion as well. A large lot, mature landscaping, and private, gated driveways protect them from prying eyes or unwanted visitors.

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