Design Trends That Are Emerging in the Custom Home Market

5 Exciting Design Trends in Custom Homes

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Interested in learning what’s new in custom home design? The expert team at Travis & Travis Custom Builders are at the forefront of custom home design trends. Learn the five hottest trends in custom home design in our blog below.

5 Custom Home Design Trends

#1 – Metallics

Considered a ‘contemporary’ finish, metal accents, doors, and cabinets provide an eclectic look to any kitchen. Choosing small, simple metal trims will allow you to emphasize unique design aesthetics without overwhelming a room. As long as your metal finishes are balanced with contrasting textures and colors, this design trend can look great in a custom home.

#2 – Libraries

Home designers have begun to emphasize libraries as a way to give custom homes a luxurious touch. Whether it is a small reading nook or an elaborate place to host guests, a library can be an excellent addition to any home. Best of all, a library can be designed to fit any home’s aesthetic. A small but ornate fireplace can be the centerpiece of your library, or you can create an open space with lots of natural lighting. Whatever you choose, a library is a must-have addition to your home.

#3 – Open Floor Plans

More custom home builders are opting to design open, loft-like floor plans to really emphasize the space in homes. With an open floor plan, homeowners can have an unimpeded flow from room to room, perfect for the homeowner who likes to host parties.

#4 – Bold Colors

Bold color choices can give your custom home an eclectic, trendy feel. Utilizing multiple bold colors that offer exciting contrast can be exactly the spark a room needs. After years of monotone color designs, bold color choices are a welcomed arrival in the design world.

#5 – Hidden or Invisible Doors

Installing “invisible doors” for offices and closets gives your home a real wow factor. Pivot hinges and continuous trim help these doors blend in with the wall. This design is relatively easy to implement and can give your custom home a stylish secret.

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