Contemporary Homes

Contemporary Homes

Designing Unique Contemporary Homes

Look around the different neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas and you’ll see a wide variety of different types of homes. The greater Dallas Metroplex has many affluent neighborhoods with both classically designed homes and sleek, minimal and totally unique modern homes. Travis and Travis is the experienced, professional home building company that can help you design the perfect contemporary home to add to the rich variety of distinctive living spaces throughout Dallas. Find out more about Travis and Travis’s contemporary home design and construction expertise.

Your Personal Aesthetic

Perhaps the biggest benefit of contemporary design in building your own home is the opportunity for you to do something truly different. A home built with a contemporary aesthetic in mind means you’re less tied to classic or more familiar designs and you can really exercise your imagination in what you want your home to look and feel like. 

Matching your home to your personal style is a vital part of making it feel truly yours, and if you have a taste for more modern, even challenging designs, that your home should reflect that. Travis and Travis can work with you to conceptualize your personal taste, define how things should look, and make it a reality.

Imagination Meets Professional Skill

Being able to visualize your contemporary dream home might be easy, but bringing it to life isn’t. Not without professional intervention, anyway. At Travis and Travis, we have years of experience in designing and constructing homes throughout Dallas, and the sheer variety of different styles and tastes we have worked with has equipped us to meet any request.

We won’t just work with you to pin down what it is you want out of your perfect contemporary home, we’ll make sure it gets done right. Our professional team understands the entire process – from design stages to the practicalities of making a uniquely designed home that is still a functional and durable building – so you can be assured the work is done to the highest standard. Take a look at some of our previous work with contemporary designs, as well as our beautiful remodels of luxury highrise condominiums.

Let Travis and Travis Design Your Perfect Home

If you have a design in mind for your own contemporary home, and you want to bring it to life, contact Travis and Travis and talk to us about custom contemporary homes today. We’ll work with you to shape your ideal space. We are dedicated not just to the best in custom home design and construction – but focused and passionate customer service.