Why You Should Build a Custom Home Instead of Buying an Existing Home

Why Build a Custom Home Instead of Searching the House Market

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If you are on the fence about buying an existing home or having a custom home made for you — you have come to the right place. At Travis & Travis, we have been building custom homes in the Dallas area for many years and understand the many benefits that come with starting your home from scratch. As four-time winners of Dallas’s Best Home Builders, we know a thing or two about custom homes. Today, we would like to share a few reasons why building a custom home results in happier homeowners and satisfied clients.

The Ability to Personalize

The biggest benefit to building a custom home is perhaps the most obvious. When you build your home, you have the ability to get exactly what you want. Many potential home buyers underestimate the cost of remodeling a pre-built or pre-owned home to fit their needs. Even with a home remodel, you may only be able to get close to your preferences thanks to innate limitations in the existing design.

Custom Floor Plans

With a pre-existing home, the floor plan that you have is typically what you have to stick with. Making major changes requires knocking walls down, rebuilding the “bones” of the home, and investing a lot of time and money. With a custom home, you can get exactly what you want the first time. Interested in having an extra-large kitchen or an office that is only accessible from the interior of the home? Whatever it is that you want, you can have with a custom home builder.

Superior Quality Materials

When you buy a pre-existing home or a pre-fabrication, materials may be used that do not meet your quality standards. With a custom home, you get to choose exactly the type, design, and quality of the materials that your home is built with.

Lower Costs

Starting a custom home from scratch allows you to avoid spending extra on surprise repairs, upgrades, and reconfigurations. While many people point to lower costs as a benefit of purchasing an existing home, they tend to underestimate the costs that can occur in a remodel.

Start Your Custom Home Journey with Travis & Travis

At Travis & Travis, our design team has helped hundreds of people in the Dallas area get the home they have always dreamed of. The ability to be involved in the home building process from day one allows our clients to achieve their exact wants and needs. Partnering with an experienced and skilled team like Travis & Travis will ensure you get the quality craftsmanship you deserve. To learn more about our custom home design team, contact us today at 214-357-6666!

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